It's Warm Outside! Time to Print some T's

  • Apr 28, 2021

Screen Printing

Screen Printing

The weather is warming up and our screen print department heats up right along with it! If you ever wondered where all those event t-shirts, team shirts, corporate logo ware and other items are produced - ProMark is the place! Producing 12 to several thousand shirts per order with precision and the highest quality, the ProMark team can make your brand come to life and stand out among the crowd! A lot of folks are not aware of the process that takes place to produce a quality looking screen printed t-shirt. The ProMark team of designers help our clients with logo and design elements including number of colors, background color of the shirts themselves, and any intricate items that need to be printed on front, back or sleeves. Next the screen is built, ink mixed, and our talented and experienced press operators go to work to produce some of the best-looking t’s, hats and other items you might come up with! Embedded are a few photos of screen print processes in action. Our team takes great pride in their work!

Spring and Summer are here!! Let us help you with your next screen print order as events and outdoor activities continue to move back to a more normal pace in 2021! 

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